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Your daily decisions, purchases and more affect the Earth and animals in ways you may not have been aware of. The Green Dream Blog is a space where a range of current environmental topics are discussed, questioned and evaluated.


Our primary goal is to raise environmental awareness by bringing to light the effects our consumer habits have and what easy, green alternatives exist so we can all make a difference on Earth for the better. We believe that small, conscious and consistent changes have the greatest impact.

It's not news that our planet faces overwhelming problems and our government turns a blind eye to them as if they will resolve themselves. But its individuals like you, and communities that care enough that will turn the tide. 


It is time to change our ways today to ensure a greener future for our children. We invite you to share any articles you find valuable, comment with insight or questions, and reach out to us. We are all in this together, let's not waste anymore crucial time.

How many more animals must go extinct. How much worse does air quality need to get. How many more coral reefs must die. How much more pollution will fill our oceans before we change our ways?

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