What Does BPA Free Mean?

Have you come across plastic bottles or tupperware labeled 'BPA Free'? I have various times and now that I have mentioned it, I'm sure you will too but what is BPA, and why should I be happy my plastic bottle doesn't have it? Am I buying safe plastic or unsafe? What does it mean!?

After some research, BPA or better known as Bisephonal A, is a chemical that is found in hard plastics such as dental fillings, baby bottles, glass lenses, DVDs, CDs and more. Now the scary thing about this 'chemical', is that it behaves in a similar way as our hormones do.

"Bisphenol A is an endocrine disruptor - a substance which interferes with the production, secretion, transport, action, function and elimination of natural hormones."-Medical News Today

Now this is why BPA safety levels were set and companies are now claiming to be free of the chemical that is linked to reproductive disorders, heart disease, disturbing sex hormones, asthma, and even breast cancer.

A Times magazine article further explains how this BPA chemical indeed is being replaced but with another chemical that is just as harmful just a different alias. "...a BPA-free label doesn’t mean a product is free from other harmful chemical compounds that are slightly different but have a different name." Clearly there is no such thing as 'safe plastics', the phrase is an oxymoron in itself. No matter what the label claims on plastic, its made with various chemicals that we still do not know 100% how and why they effect us, but they do.

Sooo I'm investing in a glass water bottle instead. Glass doesn't hold smell like plastic does and contains no harsh chemicals or weird smells. It is worth spending a little more money for a quality item.